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Written By: Darrr - May• 27•09

It is interesting to see how Navajos and the land they live on have been used by United States government administrations and leaders through the years.  In the early 1920’s, oil was discovered on Navajoland, prompting the establishment of an official tribal government.  The discovery of oil would be followed by discoveries and mining of other minerals and natural resources. 

Regardless of which political party is in power, the Navajo people and their land has often taken second place to the needs and desires of the federal government leaders.  While doing some personal research, many articles and informational sites came to light that had to do with the way environmental issues are addressed, resolved or more often than not, put on the back burner and left unfinished.

Living off-reservation, it is often difficult to gauge what the impact is on our people, until relatives call or come to visit.  Even then, Navajo people tend to down-play worries and frustrations because of a desire to not burden others with their thoughts and uncertainties.   Since so many still live without power and running water, it’s not easy to get get feedback or first hand knowledge of what the true impact is on families, livestock and the land.

This is a literary journey to self-educate about environmental issues facing Navajoland.

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