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Living Beneath an Iron Giant

Written By: Darrr - Jun• 10•09

It was the 60’s and I was very young when I first became aware of the “giants” that were being built across Navajoland.  My family and I watched as men came through to grade the land to make a road that would wind into the hills beneath the towers and wires. 

I remember my parents talking to the workers and inviting them down to our little home for frybread and stew.  It wasn’t until much later when I realized how very nice those workers were to try food they were not familiar with and thank my parents for feeding them.  It was even more surprising that they made an effort to come back by days later and ask for more frybread, which my mother was only too happy to make for them.

Years later, as a teenager and then as a young adult, I began hearing my family and relatives speak of the strange illnesses that were occurring to those that lived below the power lines.  Since we were not scientists, we could only wonder how we were being affected by the obvious strong currents that traveled along the wires above our home.

It’s been many years since several of our relatives have passed on due to various cancers, my father among them.  We no longer live beneath the iron giants, but we continue to believe that our family, relatives and friends have all been affected.  We still remember the hum of the wires and the way the giants were lined up as they marched across our homeland with their arms in the air.

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