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Far and Wide

Written By: Darrr - Jul• 31•09

Desert Rock energy debate continues and reaches far and wide.  Recently, Desert Rock opponents claimed a small victory when the EPA rescinded the Air Quality permit issued to the developers.  This may be only a temporary victory, depending on the steps next taken by the developers and the Navajo Transmission Project.

Interestingly, even President Obama and his administration are now part of the commentary.  While Obama is keen on expanding wind and solar energy for our nation, it seems that what actually transmits and delivers that energy is what is at the root of the problem. In addition to the disturbing information of how much pollution would be brought to Desert Rock and the surrounding areas, it is equally disturbing to realize that no plans have been made to share that energy with the great number of households that are in that area that currently have no electricity.  In fact, it seems the majority of the energy would be transmitted to more “deserving” large cities in the west.

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