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It’s never too late to share…

Contributed by Native Unity (Reporter) Saturday, July 03, 2010 10:37 Resolution To Restrict NTUA Fails By Kathy Helms Dine Bureau Gallup Independent WINDOW ROCK – A resolution which would restrict Navajo Tribal Utility Authority from providing services such as water and natural gas to off-Navajo Nation enterprises failed to gain approval of the Resources Committee […]

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There goes the Wind…

And so it goes, along with all the other projects that have died before becoming reality.  It seems that the Wind Project highly anticipated and hoped for in the Gray Mountain and Cameron area has been put on hold.  What  a surprise! Given what we now know about how the Gulf Oil Spill has been […]

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Far and Wide

Desert Rock energy debate continues and reaches far and wide.  Recently, Desert Rock opponents claimed a small victory when the EPA rescinded the Air Quality permit issued to the developers.  This may be only a temporary victory, depending on the steps next taken by the developers and the Navajo Transmission Project. Interestingly, even President Obama […]

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Tuba City and Uranium continued –

Although it is very important to share thoughts about a particular subject, I find that this one leaves me at a lost for words.  All I can do is provide links to various sites that will provide you with a more in-depth picture of what has taken place so far. What I can say is […]

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Uranium and Coal Mining

While I was doing some research on the types of natural resources that are currently mined on the Navajo Reservation, I came across a research report that was done by Erin Klauk as part of educational materials that she was gathering for the University of Montana and the Science Education Resource Center (SERC).  Her studies and research […]

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Living Beneath an Iron Giant

It was the 60’s and I was very young when I first became aware of the “giants” that were being built across Navajoland.  My family and I watched as men came through to grade the land to make a road that would wind into the hills beneath the towers and wires. 

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It is interesting to see how Navajos and the land they live on have been used by United States government administrations and leaders through the years.  In the early 1920’s, oil was discovered on Navajoland, prompting the establishment of an official tribal government.  The discovery of oil would be followed by discoveries and mining of other minerals and […]

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Writings about things that VEX me!

Welcome to Rez Resources!   I want to first  acknowledge technology, gadgets and gizmos and how little I know about them all.  Secondly, I want to share how some things in this life and world are so perplexing to me, that it made sense for me to use the strange tools of today to share my thoughts. As you can probably […]

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